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Spring 2019 Symposium Archive

Project Title Participant Mentor Focus Type
NASA Space Grant Robotics Pratik Panda Ryan Meuth Education KEEN
PYRO Robotics – Rossum Rumblers Robotics Club Mason Smith not-listed Education KEEN
ConCreate: Designing an Additively Manufacturable Concrete Mix with Recycled Glass Benjamin Shindel Shahriar Anwar Sustainability KEEN
Treatment of Acute Upper Gastrointestinal Clots Through Histotripsy Blake Browning Vincent Pizziconi Health KEEN
The Adaptive Omphalocele Protective Device Matthew Chrest Sydney Schaefer Health KEEN
Tuning Excimer Concentrations While adding Quantum Dot and Phosphor Conversion Layers to Improve Efficiency, Lifetime, and Color Quality of Blue Light in Organic Light Emitting Diodes Christopher Nelson Jian Li Energy FURI
NASA Space Grant Robotics Alex Bertram Ryan Meuth Education KEEN
Control of Bipedal Laminate Robot Taha Shafa Daniel Aukes Education KEEN
Robust Consensus in Multi Robot Systems Using Wireless Signals Thomas Wheeler Stephanie Gil Security FURI
Design and Control of a Soft Robotic Ankle-Foot Orthosis Kayleigh Gavin Thomas Sugar Health FURI
Lowering Image Sensor Reconfiguration Latency on Android Alexander Shearer Robert LiKamWa Energy FURI
Octopus Arm Muscles in Relation to Arm Use for Bioinspired Robotics Sheldon Cummings Hamid Marvi Health FURI
Cranial Crown: A Pediatric Headset for Transcranial Doppler Jade Nelson William Tyler Health KEEN
Research for development of A Self-Fluctuating Actuator Air Prosthetic Liner with Memory Foam Design for Lower Limb Amputees to Improve Comfort, Stability, and Fluctuation in Prosthetic Sockets: Zachery Shropshire Claire Honeycutt Health KEEN
Motorcycle Helmet Blind Spot Monitoring Trevor Lucero Pavlos Mikellides Security KEEN
Collapsible, Large Scale 3D Printer Derek Goss Dhruv Bhate Health KEEN
Pivot Irrigation Misalignment (PIMA) System Project Juan Cabrera Deana Delp Sustainability KEEN
Adaptive Sampling Britton Jones Robert LiKamWa Energy FURI
The Dynamic Reconfiguration of Solar Cells on Spacecrafts Liam Nguyen Jennifer Kitchen Energy FURI
Development of MOF/Graphene Aerogel Composite for Ammonia Adsorption and Sensing Jarod Vance Bin Mu Sustainability FURI
Scaling a Helicon Plasma Thruster for CubeSat Applications Mennatallah Hussein Werner Dahm Energy FURI
Measuring the Heat of Combustion of Biomass Pellets David Manford Patrick Phelan Energy FURI
Investigating the Role of SP5 in WNT Signaling Using an In-Vitro Model of Neural Patterning Esther Sim David Brafman Health GCSP
Wideband Microwave Radar for Autonomous Navigation Timothy Joyce Georgios Trichopoulos Security MORE
Battery Decay Rate and Life Cycle in Lithium-Ion Polymer Batteries Christopher Vaughn Deana Delp Energy FURI, KEEN
LensCap Jordan Jensen Robert LiKamWa Security MORE
Accidental Bragg Reflectors Angelica Guzman Zachary Holman Energy FURI
Composite Bricks from Fungus Mycelium and Carbon Nanomaterials for Sustainable Multi-functional Structures Cindy Wong Qing Hua Wang Sustainability FURI
Benchmarking Dehumidifiers as Atmospheric Water Generators in Tempe, AZ Justin Edberg Sergi Garcias Segura Sustainability FURI
Vertical Control for Underwater Robotics Alia Gilbert Daniel Aukes Security FURI
Toward Understanding and the Development of a Thermoelectric Generator Jarom Beus Armando Rodriguez Energy FURI
Robotic Mapping using WiFi Paul Vohs Stephanie Gil Security FURI
Developing a Model to Detect and Analyze the Presence of Important Emergency Care Factors via Twitter Siddharth Rawal Chitta Baral Health FURI
Inducing Structural Stability by use of Dampeners on Structural Systems affected by Earthquakes Aidan Bjelland Keith Hjelmstad, Kristen Ward Sustainability FURI
Designing A Control System to Adjust Surface Roughness of an Airfoil Dylan Ottney Valana Wells Sustainability FURI
Removal of Hydrocarbons in Solar Drying System Ashley Raimondi Jean Andino Sustainability FURI
Nanoscale Material Characterization of Polymer Matrix Composites Under Hygrothermal Conditions Anita Totillo Masoud Yekani Fard Sustainability FURI
Experimental Study of Solar Thermophotovoltaic Energy Conversion Enhanced with Selective Metafilm Coatings Ryan McBurney Liping Wang Energy FURI
A Comparative Study of Simulations and Experimental Testing on Screw-Propelled Vehicle in a Lunar Simulant Teresa McBryan Hamid Marvi Sustainability FURI
Creating the Most Appropriate Lithium Ion Battery Separator to be used in Stretchable Electronics Clive Matsika Hanqing Jiang Energy FURI
Automatically Generated Wing Structure Model Nikolay Kolesov Timothy Takahashi Sustainability FURI
Power-Generating Thermogalvanic Bricks for Waste Heat Utilization from Buildings Ryan Kiracofe Patrick Phelan Sustainability FURI
Adsorption of Copper from Waste Water Using Algae Derived Activated Carbon Sean Keane Shuguang Deng Sustainability FURI
Analysis of Sul-1 and Sul-2 Transporters on Sulfur Uptake and Cellular Growth Keanan Jenkins Brent Nannenga Health FURI
Metabolic Engineering of Escherichia Coli for the Production of a Biodegradable Solvent Abigail Jansen Arul Varman Sustainability FURI
Understanding the Self-assembly of Metal-organic Supra-molecules Matthew Hart Yang Jiao Sustainability FURI
Solar Drying with an Oxide Material to Achieve Food Preservation of Crop Production Alisha Harris Jean Andino Sustainability FURI
Development of Electrospun Nanofiber Nanoparticle Composites Arjun Gupta Bin Mu Sustainability FURI
Mobility of Screw Propelled Vehicles in BP-1 Marko Green Hamid Marvi Sustainability FURI
Synthesis of Hexagonal Boron Nitride Thin Films Pranvera Kolari Sefaattin Tongay Energy FURI
Development of a Low Temperature Ionic Liquid Based Electrolyte System for Planetary Exploration Whitney Geren Lenore Dai Energy FURI
Heat Transfer in a Rotary Drum using Infrared Temperature Measurements Bradley Fox Heather Emady Energy FURI
Cloning Antibodies to Understand Neurodegenerative Diseases Mitsumi Fitzgerald Brent Nannenga Health FURI
Radiative Cooling of Semiconductive Materials Nicholas Denisuk Liping Wang Energy FURI
Production of NorHA Microspheres for Peptide Tethering Jasmine Davis Julianne Holloway Health FURI
The Reinforcement Learning Trojan Horse: Data Poisoning in Autonomous Driving Simulations Benjamin Danek Yi Ren Security FURI
Electro Supn Rolled Scaffolds Brendan Brookhouser Julianne Holloway Health FURI
Ammonia Detection Sensor through Structurally Flexible Metal-organic Frameworks Dylan Beck Bin Mu Sustainability FURI
Optimization of Propeller Characteristics for Applications in Wind Tunnel Testing Jack Barker Timothy Takahashi Sustainability FURI
Engineering of High Yield Production of L-Serine in Cyanobacteria Omar Abed David Nielsen Sustainability FURI
Redesign of the Mixed-Mode Fracture Fixture for More Accurate Damage Tolerant Structures Israa Abdelaziz Masoud Yekani Fard Security FURI
Freshman Retention in the Fulton Schools of Engineering John Shippy Linda Chattin Education FURI
Characterization of Critical Networks using Heterogeneous Data to Create a Comprehensive Characterization of a Robust Critical Network Aashney Shah Giulia Pedrielli Security FURI
Qurry: A Quantum Probabilistic Programming Language Lucas Saldyt Ajay Bansal Health FURI
MisophoniAPP Rachel Noziglia Troy McDaniel Health FURI
A Study on Resources Utilization of Deep Learning Workloads Andrew Nguyen Ming Zhao Energy FURI
Various Artificial Intelligence Approaches Demonstrated by Chess Daren Hammer Ajay Bansal Education FURI
Student Retention in the Fulton Schools Jessica Bruck Linda Chattin, Tami Coronella Education FURI
Energy Management in Self-Organizing Particle Systems Christopher Boor Andrea Richa Sustainability FURI
Comparing Protocols for Extracting, Amplifying, and Imaging ApoE ε4 Allele: Preliminary work for understanding Alzheimer’s Disease in asymptomatic individuals Drew Worman Sydney Schaefer Health FURI
Active Thermoregulation for Transtibial Prosthetic Sockets Taylor Underwood Jeffrey LaBelle Health FURI
Modeling Carriers and Biological Specimen Utility of a Molecular Diagnostic Biosensor for Navajo Neurohepatopathy Jordan Todd David Brafman Health FURI
Improving Treatment of Varicose Veins through Adjustable Compression Erin Sussex Vincent Pizziconi Health FURI
Characterization of Human Myocardial Tissue Model on a Microfluidic Device Maria Soldevila Mehdi Nikkhah Health FURI
The Effects of Startle Evoked Movement on the Learning Associated with a Novel Finger-Abduction Task Cassie Riggs Claire Honeycutt Health FURI
Upper Extremity Orthotic Medical Device to Facilitate Movement for Individuals with Muscular Dystrophy Ahnaf Rahman Stephen Helms-Tillery Health FURI
Ultrasound-mediated Drug Delivery with Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-based Polymers Michelle Loui Brent Vernon Health FURI
Development of Flourcent Siloxane Nano-probes as an In-Line Assay of Cell and Tissue Function Salma Leyasi David Brafman Health FURI
Novel Nanoparticle System to Treat Traumatic Brain Injury Kamawela Leka Sarah Stabenfeldt Health FURI
Ultrasound Cleavable Polymers for Reversible Vascular Embolization Karolena Lein Brent Vernon Health FURI
Using 1H MRI Reporter S-Gal® to Study Senescent and Quiescent Cells Nyah Kshatriya Vikram Kodibagkar Health FURI
Impact of Electrospun Nanoscaffold Morphology on Cell Fate to Optimize Tissue Regenerative Response Maeve Kennedy Vincent Pizziconi Health FURI
Liquid Embolic Synthesis for Aneurysm Occlusion Tori Johnson Brent Vernon Health FURI
A Combined Optical and Electrical Probe for Electrophysiology Madeleine Howell Barbara Smith Health FURI
Tyrosine Infused Micro Particles John Gross Brent Vernon Health FURI
Optimizing Recombinant Protein Production for Domain Antibodies: Proof-of-Concept Glenna Embrador Sarah Stabenfeldt Health FURI
Predicting Manufacturing Defects in Plastics due to Geometric Errors Alexander DaSilva Vincent Pizziconi Sustainability FURI
Development and Assessment of a Diagnostic Tool to Detect and Genotype Navajo Neurohepatopathy Sydney Connor David Brafman Health FURI
Feasibility of Dielectric Elastomer Actuators in Lower Limb Prosthetic Cesar Carreto Jeffrey La Belle Health FURI
Diffusion of Dextran Across a Microfluidic Device Used to Model Native Myocardium Zachery Camacho Mehdi Nikkhah Health FURI
Utilizing Siloxane-Based Nanoprobes for the In-Line Monitoring of Neural Progenitor Cells In-Vitro Yesenia Barrera-Millan David Brafman Health FURI
Assistive Walking Device for Gait Disorder Patients Marcus Schaller Wenlong Zhang Health FURI
Development of an OpenSim Simulation to Identify Time and Force Magnitude Needed at Toe-Off Stage for an Assistive Force Ankle Device Jose Luis Rivera Wenlong Zhang Health FURI
Balancing of a Stationary Bicycle Using a Control Moment Gyroscope Hansol Moon Wenlong Zhang Health FURI
Investigating Application of TPU-Coated Soft Fabric Actuators in Soft Poly-Limbs IMRAN IRFAN BIN MOHD Panagiotis Polygerinos Health FURI
Passively Actuated Jump Gliding Wings Guston Lighthouse Daniel Aukes Education FURI
Propellant Mixing in Vortex Cooled Liquid Rocket Engines James Hansen John Rajadas Energy FURI
Additive Manufacturing for the Validation of Biomimetic Design Principles: The Structural Mechanics of Insect Nests Derek Goss Dhruv Bhate Sustainability FURI
Detection of Heel-Off Initiation Based Correlation Between Ground Reaction Forces and Lower Extremity Surface Electromyography Daniel Gaytan-Jenkins Wenlong Zhang Health FURI
Smart Bike Human-in-the-Loop Control Jonathan Bush Wenlong Zhang Health FURI
A New Step Forward Brian Burca Thomas Sugar Health FURI
Automated Process Planning for Multi-material Manufacturing Cole Brauer Daniel Aukes Education FURI
Transparent Conductive Oxide Characterization Brian Wu Zachary Holman Energy FURI
A Detailed Guide for the Systematic Design and Development of a Research-Grade Differential-Drive Robotic Ground Vehicle Alan Wirkus-Camacho Armando Rodriguez Education FURI
Optical Characterization of Silver-Doped Germanium-Chalcogenide Thin-films Amberly Ricks Michael Kozicki, Yago Gonzalez Velo Security FURI
Wireless Wearable Respiratory Monitor Rachel Rhoades Junseok Chae Health FURI
Alpha-Loss Corbin Ott Lalitha Sankar Security FURI
Data Enabled Dynamic Thrust Measurement Daniel Kosednar Timothy Takahashi Sustainability FURI
Improving Selenium Oxoanion Removal with Molecular Imprinting Andrea Kraetz Candace Chan Sustainability FURI
Behavior of Acrylic Plastic at Glass Transition Temperature: Thermal Gradient, Crack Speed Brandon Kwan Jay Oswald Security FURI
Biofuel Production from Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Algae and Salicornia Maymary Laideson Shuguang Deng Energy FURI
Oil Shale Imbibition Victoria Lanz Heather Emady Sustainability FURI
Reducing Drag At High Angles of Attack with a Pimpled Airfoil Brad Laughlin Valana Wells Sustainability FURI
Shale Fracking Waste Characteristics Coby Lerer Heather Emady Energy FURI
Creating a Defect Free Mixed Matrix Membrane using Annealing Zack Lindsey Bin Mu Sustainability FURI
Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Leading Edge Roughness Devices Spencer Little Valana Wells Sustainability FURI
Enhancing the Flame Retardancy of Polymers by Coating Nanosheets Zhikai Liu Qing Hua Wang Sustainability FURI
Hydrothermal Liquefaction (HTL) of Salicornia to Determine its Potential for Biofuel Production Kato Luboowa Shuguang Deng Energy FURI
Effects of Pressure on the Volumetric Response (Compressibility) of Elastomers During Ballistic and Dynamic Loading Nicholas Middlebrook Pedro Peralta Security FURI
Improving Offset Electrospinning for the Tendon-Bone Junction Corey Miles Julianne Holloway Health FURI
Nanoscale Material Characterization of Polymer Carbon Fiber Interphase using Low Energy Scanning Electron Microscopy Parker Moberg Masoud Yekani Fard Sustainability FURI
Glass Bead Flowability Characterization Emily Nugent Heather Emady Sustainability FURI
Investigating Ceria Morphologies for the Platinum-Ceria Catalyst System Valielza O'Keefe Peter Crozier Sustainability FURI
Practical Graphical User Interface for Control of a Drone Swarm Enoch O'Neal Panagiotis Artemiadis Security FURI
Collecting Data for Pressure Ulcer Monitoring and Prevention System Ekta Patel Vincent Pizziconi Health GCSP
Risk Assessment and Terrestrial Plant Toxicity of Remediated Heavy Hydrocarbon Impacted Soil Brielle Januszewski Bruce Rittmann Sustainability GCSP
Radiation Induced Polymerization of an Acrylate-Based Compound Mio Ozawa Kaushal Rege Security FURI
Magnetic Needle Steering for Minimally Invasive Surgery Alex Petras Hamid Marvi Health FURI
Discovering Tesselations of 2D Piezomagnetic Materials Chance Price Houlong Zhuang Energy FURI
Metabolic Engineering of Corynebacterium glutamicum for the Conversion of Biomass Derived Aromatics to Chrysin Carlie Rein Arul Varman Sustainability FURI
Hydrolysis of Biomass Derived Cellulose and Hemicellulose with Engineered Bacillus Subtilis Strains Zach Rudebeck Arul Varman Energy FURI
A Friction/Adhesion Characterization Setup for Bio-Inspired Robotic Applications Christian Sclafani Hamidreza Marvi Sustainability FURI
Manipulation of Vibrational Modes by Nanostructuring in a SiO2 Thin-Film Sunny Situ Peter Crozier Energy FURI
Variable Damping Control of Robotic Ankle Joint to Improve the Tradeoff Between Performance and Stability in the Frontal Plane Eric Slovak Hyunglae Lee Health FURI
Evaluation of Hopper Discharge Rates of Glass Spheres James Taylor Heather Emady Sustainability FURI
Structural Optimization of CubeSat Housing for Pulsed Plasma Thruster (PPT) Modules Isaiah Wall Jay Oswald Energy FURI
Bioproduction of Renewable Ethylene from an Engineered Cyanobacterium Samuel Welton Arul Varman Sustainability FURI
Functional Materials in The Electrocatalytic Treatment of Pollutants From Oil & Gas Industry Wastewater Perivaldo Fernandes Sergi Garcias Segura Sustainability FURI
Physical Processes to Reduce BOD Testing Times Adam Tran Paul Westerhoff Sustainability FURI
Study of Exfoliation Steps for Copper 2D MOFs Andra Yung Bin Mu Sustainability MORE
An Interactive AR/VR Game Framework for Autonomous Quadcopter Development and Pilot Training. Victor Worlanyo Armando Rodriguez Sustainability MORE
Hydrogen Storage Techniques in Fuel Cell Vehicles Shubham Turakhia Jeffery Wishart Energy MORE
Utilizing Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Conjugated to Biocompatible Gold Nanorods to Enhance Synchronous Beating and Functional Characteristics Similar to in vivo Cardiac Tissue Zachary Ticktin Mehdi Nikkhah Health MORE
Force Measurement of Basilisk Lizard Running on Water Andrew Sweeney Hamid Marvi Security MORE
Investigation of Underlying Mechanisms for the Modulation of Multi-dimensional Ankle Stiffness Lee Stadem Hyunglae Lee Health MORE
Lizard Inspired Tube Inspection Robot Vijay Senthilkumar Hamidreza Marvi Energy MORE
Sex Differences in Voluntary Control Dynamics of the Knee and Ankle Abraham Rosengard Hyunglae Lee Health MORE
Pore Wetting in Membrane Distillation Kimya Rajwade Francois Perreault Sustainability MORE
Characterization of Flexible Heat Sinks Saurabh Prabhu Konrad Rykaczewski Energy MORE
Applying Developmental Biology Principles to Probe the Mechanisms of Selective Cell Vulnerability in Alzheimer’s Disease Using Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Vineeth Hari Prasad David Brafman Health MORE
Non-invasive Cellular Detection Using the Photoacoustic Effect Justin Mieth Barbara Smith Health MORE
Senescence Phenotype Analysis of Progerin Induced Alzheimer’s Disease Neural Progenitor Cell Line Using Confocal Microscopy Siddhi Bhandarkar David Brafman Health MORE
Heat Transfer in a Rotary Drum using Infrared Camera Temperature Measurement Brandon Boepple Heather Emady Sustainability MORE
Detection and Tracking of Objects Outside the Line of Sight of a Camera Sreenithy Chandran Suren Jayasuriya Security MORE
Formation of Heterostructure Nanoscrolls from 2D Materials for Enhanced Optoelectronic Performance Mu-Tao Chen Qing Hua Wang Energy MORE
ML Phase Prediction of High-Entropy Alloys Wenjiang Huang Houlong Zhuang Energy MORE
LED Based Camera Pose Estimation Sathish Kumar Katukuri Robert LiKamWa Education MORE
Reduction in Soot Emission with Micro-Combustion Abdul Khalid Ryan Milcarek Sustainability MORE
AFM Cantilever Based Near Field Radiation Heat Transfer Measurement Ramteja Kondakindi Liping Wang Energy MORE
Video Motion Magnification to Enhance Speech of Patients with Deteriorated Speaking Ability Mazher Khan Suren Jayasuriya Health MORE
Energy Harvesting: Capacitor Design Darrell Jackson Qin Lei Energy FURI
Indoor Localization for Navigational Aides Shubham Mehta Troy McDaniel Education FURI
Investigation of Braziers Effect in Polymer Matrix Composite Tubes Bao G Doan Masoud Yekani Fard Energy FURI
Pressure Ulcer Monitoring and Prevention System Algorithm Bhavna Ramesh Sandeep Gupta Health GCSP
X-Ray Tomography Analysis of Pit Growth in a High-Performance Aluminum Alloy Daniel Sinclair Nikhilesh Chawla Security FURI
Current-Voltage Characteristics of Electrochromic Materials for Application on Smart Window Photovoltaic Cells Branson Scott Sandwip Dey Energy FURI
Design and Characterization of Programmable FRET Biosensors Dustin Foote Rizal Hariadi Health GCSP
Vortex Flow Pancake Hybrid Pancake Engine Mohanad Warrayat Ryan Milcarek Energy FURI
Proof of Concept Development of a Powered-Descent Guidance Mechanism in Small Rockets Lucien Hollins Daniel Bliss Sustainability FURI
To Study the Effects of Co-doping Ceria with 2+/5+ Dopants for Thermochemical Splitting of Water Harsheen Rajput Christopher Muhich Energy FURI
Understanding Kinetics of Surface Reactions Involved in Thermochemical Water Splitting With Doped Ceria-Rich Surfaces by use of First Principles Methods and Transition State Theory Steven Wilson Christopher Muhich Energy FURI
Building a HEK293T Reporter Cell Line to Study Gene Expression Tristan Loveday Xiao Wang Health FURI
Development of a Multiple Linear Regression Model to Reduce the Appearance of High-energy Consuming Regressors in Manufacturing Environments Victoria Gonzalez Michael Clough Sustainability FURI
Deep Learning of Brain Images for Classifying High-Risk Alzheimer’s Disease Population Harshil Champaneria Rong Pan Health MORE
Refinement of Electrolyte Materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Application Bennett Mandal Christopher Muhich Energy FURI
Synthesis and Characterization of Dual-Phase Inorganic Membranes Richard Nile Jerry Lin Sustainability MORE
Active Binocular Vergence-Gaze Control for Visual SLAM Shibin Zheng Yezhou Yang Security MORE
General Depth Estimation For Machine Vision Using Sparse Depths Anshul Rai Yezhou Yang Security MORE
Removing Conflicting Interactions in Locating Arrays Vincent Miller Violet Syrotiuk Education FURI