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Spring 2018 Symposium Archive

Project Title Participant Mentor Focus Type
The Utilization of Cross-linked Polymer Mesh in Water Filtration to Increase Efficiency Alex Buffington Matthew Green Sustainability FURI
Gait Optimization for Bio-Inspired Robotics Hailey Burch Hamidreza Marvi Security FURI
Comparative Assessment of DARPin and scFv for Neurodegenerative Disease Diagnostics Abigail Call Michael Sierks Health FURI
Stochastic Modeling and Optimization to Improve Identification and Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease Raquel Camarena Giulia Pedrielli Health MORE
Ultrasound-Enhanced Desorption Nicolas Campbell Patrick Phelan Energy FURI
Low Cost Sensing Andrew Carlson Daniel Aukes Education FURI
3D Printing Plastic Recycling Machine Luis Castillo Arcay Aram Chavez Sustainability KEEN
Modeling, Analysis and Decision Making for Coupled Water Systems in the Presence of Significant Uncertainty Charles Cederstrom Armando Rodriguez Sustainability FURI
Adaptation of Laser Activated Sutures for Intestinal Surgeries via Chemical Cross-linking Andy Chang Kaushal Rege Health FURI
Enhancing Interdisciplinary Thinking in Co-Curricular Programs Diana Chen Amy Trowbridge, Tirupalavanam Ganesh Education FURI
Photoacoustic Flow Cytometry Matthew Chrest Barbara Smith Health FURI
Learning Modes for Sequential Decision Making Using Stochastic Search Perry Wang Siddharth Srivastava Education FURI
Design and Development of a Precision Robotic Thrower and a Smart Target Carolyn Christie Armando Rodriguez Education FURI
Evaluating the Effects of a Negatively-Damped Ankle-Foot Orthosis on Gait Andrew Cook Hyunglae Lee Health MORE
Development of an Independent Compact Air Compression System for Soft Robotic Actuation Bryce Copenhaver Panagiotis Polygerinos Health FURI
Process Gas Analysis on Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Algae Connor Copp Shuguang Deng Energy MORE
Turbulent Drag Reduction in Pipes by Spanwise Wall Oscillations Daniel Coxe Adrian Ronald, Yulia Peet Energy MORE
Developing Novel 3D Printed Hydrogel-based Bioinks Andrew D'Arcangelis Julianne Holloway Health MORE
Potential Effect of Prolonged Weathering on Heavy Metal Leaching from Heavy-Metal-Treated-Wood Nguyen Dang Xuan Kiril Hristovski Health FURI
An Optimization-Based Tool to Assist Conservation Planning Decisions Katherine Adams Jorge Sefair Sustainability FURI
Measuring Failure Load of Lumbar Spinous Processes to Transverse Mechanical Forces Framarz Alam Jitendran Muthuswamy Health GCSP
Pulsed Plasma Thruster Magnetic Field Study Omar Alavi Daniel White Energy FURI
Controlling the Selectivity and Permeability of Graphene-based Membrane by Changing the Oxygen Content of Graphene Oxide Sheets Alissa Albrecht Francois Perreault Sustainability FURI
3-D Printed Concrete Emily Alcazar Narayanan Neithalath Sustainability FURI
Virtual Reality (VR) for Rehabilitation Therapy of Stroke Parkinson’s Disease and Athlete Patients Mahdi Alharbi Wenlong Zhang Health FURI
Effect of Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts on Breast Cancer Cell Migration Parameters Mayar Allam Mehdi Nikkhah Health FURI
Stability of Ankle Motion in Eversion and Inversion Motion Azza Amer Hyunglae Lee Health FURI
Thermal Conductivity of Crystalline Polypyrrole Jun An Jay Oswald Health FURI
Student Retention Anas Arafat Linda Chattin Education FURI
Camera Positional Robotic Arm Austin Armstrong Angela Sodemann Education FURI
The Response of the Human Ankle to Variable Negative Damping James Arnold Hyunglae Lee Health FURI
Inside-Out Tracking with Redirected Walking for Free World Mobile Virtual Reality Navigation Alireza Bahremand Robert LiKamWa Education FURI
Nanoparticle Delivery through a Resection-Disrupted Blood Brain Barrier for the Treatment of Glioblastoma Sara Belko Sarah Stabenfeldt Health FURI
Evaluating the Effect of Visual Stimuli on the Intelligibility of Dysarthric Speech Amber Bennett Troy McDaniel Health FURI
NASA Space Grant Robotics Alex Bertram Ryan Meuth Education KEEN
Modeling the Voluntary Reflex of the Human Ankle Tanner Bitz Hyunglae Lee Health MORE
How Surface Roughness Affects Interfacial Strength of Steel and Ice Clayton Bliss Jay Oswald Security FURI
Wearable Sensor System to Aid in Ankle Rehabilitation Jayden Booth Junseok Chae Health FURI
National Association of Engineering Student Councils Engineering Leadership Summit LemLem Brook James Collofello Education KEEN
Building a Vapor Phase Photoreactor for Photocatalytic Water Splitting Alexander Bravenec Peter Crozier Energy FURI
Characterization of Flow Properties of Wet Particle Using the FT4 Powder Rheometer Ci Brouillard Heather Emady Energy FURI
Side-Viewing Photoacoustic and Ultrasound Imaging Probe Blake Browning Barbara Smith Health FURI
Aerodynamic Propeller Modelling Brandon Dawson Wenlong Zhang Security FURI
Design of a Fully-Actuated Self-Driving Car Sam Deadrick Yan Chen Energy FURI
Efficient Hash Family Creation and Implementation Nicholas Debeurre Charles Colbourn Security FURI
What’s up with Privacy?: User Preferences and Privacy Concerns in Intelligent Personal Assistants Aditya Deotale Subbarao Kambhampati Security FURI
Perception of Emotions Based on Tactile Facial Action Units by Individuals Who are Blind Samjhana Devkota Troy McDaniel Health FURI
Computational Pathways to the Optimal Design of Polymer Processing Routes Timoteo Diaz Kumar Ankit Energy FURI
Around the Corner Imaging at Terahertz Sai Doddalla Georgios Trichopoulos Security MORE
Drivability Optimization of Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) for Automobiles by Additional Sensory Inputs: Experimental Eunsol Ko Anoop Grewal Sustainability FURI
Leaching and Attrition of Layered Double Hydroxide Sorbents for Selenium Oxoanions Andrea Kraetz Candace Chan Sustainability FURI
Analyzing Gait Perturbations to Assess Variability in Dynamic Stability for Fall Risk Assessment Itai Kreisler Thurmon Lockhart Health FURI
Image Processing and Tracking in Underwater Low-Light Conditions Corey Kurowski Armando Rodriguez Education FURI
Effect of Flow Rate on Interfacial Fracture between Ice and Steel Brandon Kwan Jay Oswald Security FURI
Vagus Nerve Stimulation To Treat Oromotor Dysfunction in a Rat Model of Parkinson’s Disease Stephen Lane Jeffrey Kleim Health GCSP
Adaptive Expertise in Embedded Systems Design James Larson Micah Lande, Shawn Jordan Education FURI
Chemical Gradient Fabrication through Electrospinning Minh Le Julianne Holloway Health FURI
Enhancing Inorganic Carbon Absorption and Fixation by Cyanobacteria using Amine Absorbents Sara Lee David Nielsen Energy FURI
Investigating Leg Prosthesis Kinematics for Walking on Surfaces of Different Compliance Lynsey Lehmann Panagiotis Artemiadis Health FURI
Soft Robotics: A Quasi-Passive Knee Brace to Assist in Lifting Kyle Lewis Thomas Sugar Health FURI
The Effects of Shear Modulus on Fouling Rates Leo Lin Konrad Rykaczewski Energy FURI
Data Process Methods in the Design of Pressure Monitoring System for Scoliosis Fusion Surgery Jinglin Liu Jeffrey LaBelle Health FURI
Development of a Ground Robot with a Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) Capability Nikki Lopez Armando Rodriguez Energy FURI
Enumeration of Self-Avoiding Walks in Self-Organizing Particle Systems Kevin Lough Andrea Richa Education FURI
Optimizing Control Strategies for Hybrid Electric Vehicles to Reduce Fuel Consumption and Idling Times Trevor Lucero Abdel Mayyas Energy FURI
Soft Robotic Control System Christopher Lue Sang Junseok Chae Health FURI
All in the Hips: Exoskeletal Design for Occupational Lift-Support and Rehabilitation James Lyon Thomas Sugar Health FURI
ASU Rise Lab’s Self Balancing Bicycle Miles Mabey Wenlong Zhang Health GCSP
In Vitro Cell Culture Model on the Influence of Advanced Glycation End-Products and Type 2 Diabetes Lindsey Macias Julianne Holloway Health MORE
Modeling, Analysis, Control, and Design of Hypersonic Air Vehicles Using Stealth Technology Nicholas Magana Armando Rodriguez Security FURI
Implementation of Self Adjustable Treadmill Kishen Mahadevan Hyunglae Lee Health MORE
Randomized Construction of Homogeneous Scattering Hash Families Luke Mains Charles Colbourn Security FURI
Waste Stream Map of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area Sonia Malek Joshua Loughman Sustainability FURI
Fracture Toughness vs. Salt Content of Ice Karim Mardambek Christian Hoover Energy FURI
Sensor Efficacy in Measuring Bone Depth for Neurosurgical Applications Ethan Marschall Jitendran Muthuswamy Health GCSP
Scalable Manufacturing Processes for Functionalized UV Transparent Nano-Porous Filament Rohith Mathews Bruno Azeredo Sustainability MORE
Korwave: Wearable, Seizure Detection Headband Patrick McFarland Brent Sebold Health KEEN
Development and Validation of Active Pixel Sensors for Star Tracker Applications Breydan Dotson Daniel White Security FURI
Point-of-Care Mutation Detection in Navajo Neurohepatopathy Courtney DuBois Michael Caplan Health MORE
Synthesis and Characterization of Traditional and Chalcogenide Nanocomposites Michael Durso Sefaattin Tongay Security FURI
Pressure Differential Sequestration of Ambient Humidity Justin Edberg Paul Westerhoff, Sergi Garcias Segura Sustainability FURI
Handheld IR Spectrometer Ryan Fagan Phil Christensen Education KEEN
Utilizing Biopolymers with Incorporations of Nanoclays to Develop Sustainable Bioplastics Nathaniel Fink Francois Perreault Sustainability FURI
Haptic Vision Substitution Diane Flores Angela Sodemann Health MORE
Damage Tolerant Design Guidelines for Seamless Carbon Fiber Composite Structures for Pressurized Cylinders Collin Foster Aditi Chattopadhyay, Masoud Yekani Fard Security FURI
Effects of Plasticizers on Solid Rocket Propellant Adhesion William Frieden Templeton Matthew Green Energy FURI
Progerin-Induced Aging to Develop a Human-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Model of Alzheimer’s Disease Carlye Frisch David Brafman Health FURI
A Higher-Quality Haptic Display Aundre' Garcia Angela Sodemann Health FURI
Cost-Effective Surveying Using Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicles YiZhuand "JJ" Garrard Wenlong Zhang Sustainability KEEN
Impact of Time Constraints on HackerRank Assessments Kiana Ghazouli Robert Atkinson Education GCSP
Computer Vision Navigation for Robotic Campus Guide Zakk Giacometti Armando Rodriguez Sustainability FURI
The Development of a Multi-Marker Sensor for Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Tiffany Gong Jeffrey LaBelle Health FURI
Assessing the Ability of Startle to Predict Learning Retention Smita Gopalakrishnan Claire Honeycutt Health FURI
Human Neural Progenitor Cell Transplantation Sustainment and Maturation with Immunodeficient Mice Shannon Grassi David Brafman, Sarah Stabenfeldt Health FURI
Energy-Free Personal Security Wristband Xianfan Gu Yi Ren Health FURI
Chat-Box as Mood Analyzer for Individuals with Social Interaction Disabilities Bineeta Gupta Troy McDaniel Health MORE
Diagnostic Methods for Detecting Microvillus Inclusion Disease Hawley Helmbrecht Michael Caplan Health FURI
Integrated Sensing for a Soft Neuroprosthetic Joshua Hsu Panagiotis Polygerinos Health FURI
Adhesion of Octopus Bimaculoides Anna Hu Hamidreza Marvi Energy FURI
Modular Household Aquaponics for Low-Income Families Don Hull Narciso Macia Sustainability FURI
Clinical Imaging Post-Processing to Improve Surgery in Focal Cortical Dysplasia Cases Zachary Humphreys Vikram Kodibagkar Health FURI
Automotive OEM ESS Evaluation Arik Jacobson Jeffery Wishart Sustainability FURI
Heavy Hydrocarbon Removal using Ozonation Techniques Brielle Januszewski Bruce Rittmann Sustainability FURI
Design of Compact Lower Limb Exoskeleton for Gait Assistance Vaibhav Jhawar Wenlong Zhang Health MORE
Novel Solar Array Interface Electronics for Maximum PV Power Extraction Everett Johnson Jennifer Kitchen Energy FURI
Effects of Thermal Deformation in Constrained Sheet Metal Arminta Jordan Timothy Takahashi Security FURI
Quantifying Post- Surgical Brain Shift to Improve Multi- Modal Imaging Application in Surgical Treatment of Epilepsy Ladan Kamali Sarvestnai Vikram Kodibagkar Health FURI
Algorithms for Learning, Cooperation and Coordination of Multi Agent Systems in the Presence of Uncertainties Karthik Kambam Wenlong Zhang Security MORE
Sunc-Voc Measurements of Semi-Transparent Perovskite Solar Cells Mark Kapron Zachary Holman Energy FURI
Wearable Antenna System for Touchless Gesture Recognition and Interaction Bharath Kashyap Georgios Trichopoulos Security MORE
Mechanical Characterization of 3D Porous Electrospun Nanoscaffolds to Optimize Tissue Regenerative Response Maeve Kennedy Vincent Pizziconi Health GCSP
Developing Prosthesis for Children with Disabilities to Participate in Sports Bui Kimberly Armando Rodriguez Health FURI
Aerodynamics of Propulsion Galen Kingsley Timothy Takahashi Education FURI
Centrifugal Compressor with Thrust Vector Control for UAV Propulsion Kyle Kingston Mary Niemczyk Energy FURI
Service Learning and Retention in Undergraduate Engineering Caroline Kireopoulos Stephanie Gillespie Education FURI
Developing an Educational Robotic Platform Jacob Knaup Daniel Aukes Education KEEN
Society of Automotive Engineering Baja Competition Jun Sasaki James Contes Education KEEN
Spatiotemporal Framework for Dynamic Merged Reality Content Creation Ashley Satkowski Robert LiKamWa Education FURI
Simulating Interdependent Infrastructure Vulnerability to Projected Demand Increases in Phoenix Suzanne Schadel Nathan Johnson Sustainability FURI
An Arizona-Specific, Real-World Driving Emissions Testing Methodology Gabriella Schweska Jeffery Wishart Sustainability FURI
Using Prefetching Algorithms to Seamlessly Download Data Aashiq Shaikh Robert LiKamWa Education FURI
Cortical Contributions of Sensory Gaiting to Voluntary Movement: A Somatosensory Evoked Potential Study Fangchi Shao Marco Santello Health FURI
Managing Respiratory Disease with Wearable Devices Nandini Sharma Jennifer Blain Christen Health FURI
Converting Industrial Combustion Byproducts to Liquid Transportation Fuels and Environmentally Friendly Nitrogen-containing Compounds Thembelihle Shongwe Jean Andino Energy FURI
The Effects of Electrotactile Stimulation over Multiple Feedback Sites through Proprioceptive Mapping David Shumate Stephen Helms-Tillery Health FURI
Reinforcement Learning with Randomized Rewards Kyle Shumway Troy McDaniel Education FURI
Efficient Algorithms for the Construction of Low-Density Parity-Check Codes Andrew Shurman Charles Colbourn Security FURI
Tomographic Damage Detection Run Si Yongming Liu Sustainability FURI
Elucidation of Stromal Fibroblast and Antifibrotic Drug on Chemo Resistance Within a 3D Model Casey Silva Mehdi Nikkhah Health FURI
Generation of an Inducible CRISPR/dCas9-KRAB System to Modulate Gene Expression Esther Sim David Brafman Health FURI
Micromilling Testbed Interface Richard Simpson Angela Sodemann Sustainability FURI
Silicon Nanoparticle Layers for Use as Glass Insulation Daniel Sinclair Zachary Holman Sustainability GCSP
Are Existing Knowledge Transfer Techniques Effective to Train Deep Networks On Edge Devices? Ragini Sistla Ming Zhao Education MORE
Design and Implementation of an Internet-of-Things (IoT) Based Activity Tracker for Pet Care Sean Slamka Fengbo Ren Health FURI
Connectivity Based Reserve Planning Tool Steven Smith Jorge Sefair Sustainability FURI
Development of Multi-Sensor Intelligent Embedded System to Assist the Blind with Mobility & Environmental Awareness Bhavica Soni Armando Rodriguez Health FURI
Development of an Assistive Soft Robotic Device Curtis Sparks Panagiotis Polygerinos Health FURI
Acetone: A Promising Biomarker for Human Fat Metabolism Mark Sprowls Erica Forzani Health FURI
Training Deep Neural Networks with Quantization and Structured Sparsity Gaurav Srivastava Jae-Sun Seo Health MORE
Development of a Conductive Injectable Hydrogel for Cardiac Tissue Engineering. Yuka Sugamura Mehdi Nikkhah Health MORE
Utilization of Neuromorphic Computing Principles for Designing Biological Neurons in CMOS ICs Alisha Menon Hugh Barnaby Sustainability FURI
Development of a Battery Management & Charging System for Autonomous UAVs Sami Mian Troy McDaniel Energy MORE
CoP Fleet Performance and Environmental Impact Evaluation Miles Miller Jeffery Wishart Energy FURI
How Can Machine Learning Improve Password Security? Zachary Monroe Ajay Bansal Security FURI
A Productivity Assessment of Pre-Fabrication in Construction Paul Moon David Grau Sustainability FURI
Large Scale Expansion and Differentiation of Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Neural Progenitor Cells from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Patients Daylin Morgan David Brafman Health MORE
The Effects of Advanced Glycation End-Products and Type 2 Diabetes on Bone Regeneration Adriana Moya Julianne Holloway Health FURI
An Investigation to Find and Characterize an Effective Catalyst for the Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) Cathode That Maximize the Efficiency of Hydrogen Peroxide Production and Reduce its Decomposition Rate Lincoln Mtemeri Cesar Torres Sustainability FURI
Viability Study for a 2-Degree-of-Freedom Canfield Joint for Spacecraft Attitude Control Aplication Philip Mulford Daniel White Energy FURI
Aminoglycoside Polymers in Combination Treatments for Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) Studies Harini Muralikrishnan Kaushal Rege Health MORE
Evaluation of a Soft-Robotic Knee Exosuit for Stair ascent Niveditha Muthukrishnan Panagiotis Polygerinos Health MORE
Mechanical Analysis of Reinforced Foam Core Composites Akshay Nalla Aditi Chattopadhyay Security FURI
Metabolically Engineering D-Lactate from Corynebacterium Glutamicum Ben Nauroth Arul Varman Sustainability FURI
In situ SEM testing for Fatigue Crack Growth: Mechanical Investigation of Titanium Alyssa Nazareno Yang Jiao, Yongming Liu Energy GCSP
Active Temperature Managment for Transtibial Prosthetic Sockets Andrew Nelson Jeffrey LaBelle Health FURI
A Deep Learning Autoencoder for EMG Changepoint Recognition in Robotic Applications Elliot Nester Heni Ben Amor Health FURI
Electromagnetic Ion-Exchange Water Treatment Njideka Nnorom Peter Fox Sustainability FURI
Personalized Browser History Anonymization Alex Nou Huan Liu Security FURI
Disinfection of Water with a UV-Catalyzed TiO2 Reactor Dillon Nys Paul Westerhoff, Shahnawaz Sinha Sustainability MORE
The Effect of Vibrotactile Stimulation on Upper Limb Proprioceptive Map Characteristics Gerrit Orthlieb Stephen Helms-Tillery Health FURI
Perovskite Surface Analysis Corbin Ott Zachary Holman Energy FURI
Soybean Robustness Modeling Ozkan Ozcan Esma Gel Sustainability FURI
AZLoop – Arizona SpaceX Hyperloop Competition Team Ishan Pannala Bradley Rogers Sustainability KEEN
Effects of Manufacturing Methods on Piezoresistive Properties in Advanced Carbon Nanotube Based Sensors Suparva Paruthy Masoud Yekani Fard Sustainability FURI
Stock Market Portfolio Optimization Bryce Pedroza Armando Rodriguez Security FURI
Student Retention Analysis Diego Perozo Linda Chattin Education FURI
Design and Development of a Safe and Effective Upper Gastrointestinal Foreign Body Extraction Device Christopher Pina Barbara Smith, Bradley Greger Health FURI
Real-time Illumination Estimation for Mobile Augmented Reality Siddhant Prakash Robert LiKamWa Education MORE
Fabrication of Buckypaper Using 3D printing technology Eric Probst Masoud Yekani Fard Sustainability FURI
Swachh-X: Sustainable Recycling Sorter Dhruv Rajani Ryan Meuth Sustainability KEEN
Selective Electro-Fermentation of Scenedesmus Acutus Neil Rastogi Bruce Rittmann Energy FURI
MYO Integrated Hand Prosthesis Luc Reboulet Chao Wang Health FURI
Norepinephrine and Adenosine Infused Microparticles for Brown Adipose Tissue Stimulation Levi Riley Brent Vernon Health FURI
Modeling Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) Re-organization Due to Cell-ECM Mechanical Interactions Wei Wei Robinson Yang Jiao Health FURI
Reductive Dechlorination of Trichloroethene Sustained by Microbial Chain Elongation Aide Robles Anca Delgado Sustainability MORE
Porous Silica Films as Thermally Insulating Coatings on Windows Nathan Rodkey Zachary Holman Energy FURI
Bioresponsive Copolymers of Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) with Enzyme-Dependent Lower Critical Solution Temperatures Karime Jocelyn Rosas Gomez Brent Vernon Health MORE
Precision Following of a Ground Vehicle by a Fully Instrumented Quadcopter with a Go-Ahead Audio-Visual Support Capability Tanner Rosenthal Armando Rodriguez Security FURI
Ground-Based Robotic Vehicle Following and Separation Control: An Image Processing Approach Mohamed Sabet Armando Rodriguez Security FURI
Compact Terahertz Real-Time Imaging System Mahmoud Sakr Georgios Trichopoulos Security MORE
Parametric Design Optimization of Multi-Functional Honeycomb Structures for Additive Manufacturing Bharath Santhanam Dhruv Bhate Sustainability MORE
ZIF-71/PDMS Mixed Matrix Membranes for Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol Separations by Pervaporation Uyen Tong Mary Laura Lind Energy MORE
2018 Spaceport America Cup Brent Wallace Anoop Grewal Education KEEN
Learning Modes for Sequential Decision Making Using Stochastic Search Ryan Christensen Siddharth Srivastava Education FURI
Next Generation Composite Polymer Solid Electrolytes Justin Whetten Candace Chan Energy FURI
Sunlight-Induced Structural and Functional Changes in Graphene-Based Composite Materials Zhiwei Xiao Francois Perreault Sustainability MORE
Microstructure-Based Multiaxial Fatigue Analysis Nan Xu Yongming Liu Sustainability FURI
Development and Analysis of Reward-Adaptive Reinforcement Learning Agents Conor Yates-Koch Troy McDaniel Health FURI
Cervical Cancer Detector Junmin Zhong Junseok Chae Health FURI
Electrocatalytic and Optical Properties of Various Hydrogen-Production Catalysts Immobilized at a Polymer-nanoITO Interface Yegor Zenkov Gary Moore Health Guest Researcher
Photochemical Transformation on Plasmonic Nanoparticles Via Resonant Radiated-Induced Heating Simol Shah Maxim Sukhrev Energy Guest Researcher
Convective Heat Transfer in a Rotary Drum Andrew Swedler Heather Emady Energy FURI
Shape Memory Polymers Fabricated with Recycled Thermoplastics in 3D Printing Andrew Sweeney Masoud Yekani Fard Sustainability FURI
Deep Predictive Models for Collision Risk Assessment in Autonomous Driving Cesar Tamayo Heni Ben Amor Security FURI
Parallel Exo-Skeletal Vehicle Bradley Taylor Jeffrey LaBelle Health FURI
Development of ZnSnON as a Potential Earth Abundant Solar Cell Material Nicholas Theut Mariana Bertoni Energy FURI
Soft Robotic Mobility Device Robert Tichy Panagiotis Polygerinos Health FURI
Strain and Process Development for Detoxifying Biomass John Tindell David Nielsen Sustainability MORE
Lightweight Electric Motorcycle Battery James Tobin Angela Sodemann Sustainability KEEN
Finite Element Modeling of Micro-scale Bending Testing of Nuclear Reactor Materials Yida Tong Pedro Peralta Energy FURI
Nanoporous Morphology of Dealloyed Parent Phase Ordered and Disordered Cu3Au Alloys Ariana Tse Karl Sieradzki Energy FURI
Developing Fatigueless 3-phase Nanocomposite Sensors Michael Tucker Masoud Yekani Fard Security FURI
Blood Based Mass Spectrometry Assay for Rapid Diagnosis and Treatment Monitoring of Tuberculosis Jaffalie Twaibu Ye Hu Health FURI
Application of Axiomatic Distance Calculation of Incomplete Rankings in Genomics Vishwa Vasani Adolfo Escobedo Health MORE
Using CFD Tools to Determine Aerodynamic Forces and Moments of Floating Objects in Engineering Applications Paulo Vasconcelos Huei-Ping Huang Energy FURI
The Use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Physical Activity (PA) to Help Students with ADHD Learn Jonacarl Vilchez Troy McDaniel Education FURI
In-Situ ABI Testing of Pipeline Materials Yugansh Virmani Yongming Liu Sustainability FURI
Fouling performance of ZIF-71/PDMS membrane Tham Vo Mary Laura Lind Sustainability FURI
App Development for Intelligent Interactive Adaptive Learning Systems: Algebra Made Wonderful! Trae Waggoner Armando Rodriguez Education FURI
Investigating the Effects of Photocatalytic Cementitious Material on NO Bassil Wali Jean Andino Sustainability FURI
Mapping Variability in the Medusae Fossae Formation Aditya Khuller Phil Christensen Sustainability Guest Researcher