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Cindy Wong

Hometown: Peoria, Arizona | Graduation Date: Spring 2020
Materials Science & Engineering

Composite bricks from fungus mycelium and carbon nanomaterials for sustainable multifunctional structures

Mentor: Qing Hua Wang
FURI: Fall 2018

Sustainable production of building materials is needed as the demand for infrastructure increases. Bricks from fungus mycelium are a recent and promising alternative to replace concrete bricks. Mycelium is the root-like fibers from fungi that grow underground. When fed with woody biomass, the mycelium becomes a dense mass, thus creating a mycelium brick. Mycelium bricks are resistant to water, fire, and mold, as well as lightweight and sustainable. This project aims to explore growth factors of mycelium and incorporate nanomaterials into mycelium bricks to achieve multifunctional building materials.