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Engineering  |  FURI

Bharath Santhanam

Hometown: Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India | Graduation Date: Fall 2018
Mechanical Engineering

The effect of corner radius on the mechanical behavior of additively manufactured honeycomb structures

Mentor: Dhruv Bhate
MORE: Fall 2018

The objective of this research is to evaluate the effect of corner radius in the compressive behavior of additively manufactured honeycombs. Three different approaches will be employed for this study: computational, experimental and analytical. Finite Element Analysis will enable a study of the relationship between radius and deformation. Honeycombs will be printed using the Selective Laser Sintering process; they will be tested and the results will be compared to the Finite Element results. An analytical solution will be developed to relate the corner radius on Mechanical properties and provide insight into how it may be used as a design parameter.

Other Projects

Parametric Design Optimization of Multi-Functional Honeycomb Structures for Additive Manufacturing

Mentor: Dhruv Bhate
MORE: Spring 2018

The objective of this research is to develop a methodology to extract optimal design parameters (cell wall thickness and the corner radius) in hexagonal honey-comb structures using finite element modeling, response surface methodology and optimization techniques to achieve multi-functional objectives. In this work, the researcher will look at combining the objectives of mechanical stiffness with thermal conductivity. The result of this project provides a framework for a design engineer to optimize parameters to achieve any multi-functional objectives. The future work will be to validate these models by using additive manufacturing methods.