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Engineering  |  FURI

James Larson

Hometown: Incline Village, Nevada | Graduation Date: Spring 2019

SRP Polytechnic Solar Utilization

Mentor: Nathan Johnson
MORE: Fall 2018

As the Polytechnic Campus expands both in geography and population, the research team will examine the location’s electrical infrastructure to propose modifications to the university’s development plan to help achieve the goal of carbon neutrality. Working with ASU facilities and the Salt River Project, this team will outline different plans that will allow for the adoption of new technology to meet these goals while remaining financially viable. By evaluating plans by electric rate structure and solar hosting capacity, the team can prescribe specific modifications to existing plans, such as adding solar to buildings, storing thermal energy, or altering metering schema.

Other Projects

Adaptive Expertise in Embedded Systems Design

Mentor: Micah Lande, Shawn Jordan
FURI: Spring 2018

The Polytechnic School’s embedded systems design course, where students design and fabricate their own Printed Circuit Boards, uses a project-based curriculum to engage students, and better prepare them for long term STEM careers by fostering adaptive expertise. By fabricating and iterating prototypes, students learn strategies for troubleshooting and technical design, and the demand for functionality at the end of the semester require reflection on previous design thinking. Interviews with students of different project groups suggest that these experiences are providing a strong technical foundation leading to a sense of strong self-efficacy and an adaptive design mindset.