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Engineering  |  FURI

Brandon Kwan

Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona | Graduation Date: Spring 2020
Mechanical Engineering

Behavior of Acrylic Plastic at Glass Transition Temperature: Thermal Gradient, Crack Speed

Mentor: Jay Oswald
FURI: Spring 2019

The motivation for research is to investigate material properties of plastic at its glass transition temperature at a crack process zone in order to study differences in crack speed and strain. To accomplish this, a heating component was created to add a thermal gradient to the sample, and DIC (digital image correlation) techniques were used to analyze test data. In the future, acrylic samples will be coated with aluminum and the electrical potential drop across the sample will be measured to estimate sample crack speed. The findings this research yields would contribute to development of materials that are more thermal resistant, stronger, and tougher.

Other Projects

Effect of Flow Rate on Interfacial Fracture between Ice and Steel

Mentor: Jay Oswald
FURI: Spring 2018

The researcher investigated how the flow rate of a misted water spray on cold surfaces affects the resulting ice structure and interfacial fracture strength. To accomplish this, a misting apparatus was constructed in which the distance between the misting nozzle and target surface is adjustable. The resulting ice layer was characterized and fracture tests were conducted to determine how the spray conditions affect ice structure and mode II interfacial fracture strength. These findings can help remove ice more efficiently on naval vessels during cold, windy conditions, such as in the Arctic, where icing on ships is both prevalent and dangerous.