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Engineering  |  FURI

Arminta Claire Jordan

Hometown: Gilbert, Arizona | Graduation Date: Spring 2019
Mechanical Engineering

Society of Women Engineers at ASU attends WE18, the national SWE Conference

Mentor: Alicia Baumann
KEEN Awardee: Fall 2018

ASU’s Society of Women Engineers (SWE) sent 25+ representatives to attend WE18, the national SWE conference. At the conference, young women explored entrepreneurship in engineering by competing in a design competition that focused on customer needs in industry and attended talks about entrepreneurship and leadership. This developed them as professionals by helping them to network with women currently in industry, attend the largest career fair in the country, and volunteer to help spread engineering to young girls. Ultimately, this conference allowed ASU SWE to represent the school and demonstrate that ASU is a leader in more than just innovation.

Other Projects

Effects of Thermal Deformation in Constrained Sheet Metal

Mentor: Timothy Takahashi
FURI: Spring 2018

The purpose of this project is to understand the expansion of a piece of aluminum sheet metal, which is undergoing a thermal deformation, and is constrained along all four sides to compare it to the behavior of models in engineering software. A literature review has been conducted and materials have been purchased to create a physical model to test. Thus far, it seems that the engineering software, ANSYS and ABAQUS, do not accurately model the thermal deformation of the plate. The next step will to be to compare the physical experiment to the software.