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Engineering  |  FURI

Sai Doddalla

Hometown: Tenali, Andhra Pradesh, India | Graduation Date: Fall 2018
Electrical Engineering

Mentor: Georgios Trichopoulos
MORE: Fall 2018

Mono-static RADAR (radio detection and ranging) works with both the transmitter and the receiver at the same location, but this technique can only achieve 2-D object scanning due to the separation of transmitter and receiver antennas in one coordinate. As such, the algorithm that was developed in a previous MORE project is being modified to extend the imaging capabilities to multistatic systems (transmitter and receiver at different locations). Apart from allowing the researchers to do 3D imaging, the multi-static system will improve the image resolution. Later, the Multi-static algorithm will be used to conduct a series of imaging experiments with 3D objects.

Other Projects

Around the Corner Imaging at Terahertz

Mentor: Georgios Trichopoulos
MORE: Spring 2018

This research presents a novel method for imaging objects hidden around corners by exploiting the scattering properties of THz waves. The researchers will modify the backpropagation SAR imaging algorithm to correct the cluttered raw data and acquire accurate THz images of the occluded areas. The new imaging approach is verified through imaging examples in the 220-330 GHz band. The research focuses on searching for various ideas that have been previously successfully implemented. This has a significant importance in surveillance applications. As the geometry considered for imaging is simple, the team will focus on working with complex imaging geometries.