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Engineering  |  FURI

Timoteo Diaz

Hometown: Mesa, Arizona | Graduation Date: Spring 2018
Materials Science & Engineering

Computational Pathways to the Optimal Design of Polymer Processing Routes

Mentor: Kumar Ankit
FURI: Spring 2018

A comprehensive understanding of the influence of different processing parameters and how they influence morphological self-assembly is required to enable controllability in manufacturing block copolymers (BCP). The overarching vision of this FURI project is to decipher optimal polymer processing routes by combining the phase-field modeling technique with control theory. High-performance computing techniques will be leveraged to simulate the 3D morphological self-assembly in BCPs. A morphology map highlighting the areas of morphological transitions has been plotted based on preliminary 2D simulations. An extensive 3D parametric study is planned for the remaining duration of this project.