Mentor Information

Fulton Schools faculty members guide students through the research process in their role as FURI research program mentors. Throughout the semester-long program, mentors meet with their student researchers one-on-one and in lab settings for training, professional etiquette coaching and to serve as their students’ guide for writing abstracts and designing research posters.

Faculty mentors provide advice and professional development opportunities, including submitting research to conferences, applying for travel grant funding, submitting papers for publication and discussing career goals. If your student meets program requirements, mentors receive $500 at the end of the semester. (**Money is distributed as a transfer to the faculty member’s affiliated business office. Faculty mentors work with their business office on use and spending of the money).

FURI faculty mentor Heather Emady works with a student.

Heather Emady

“Mentoring is an extremely rewarding experience, and it is the biggest reason I became a faculty member. I enjoy reading FURI students’ reflections and seeing their growth in learning the research process.”

Who is eligible?

Faculty mentors must be faculty with appointment in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. They cannot be on sabbatical, leave or extended vacation during the majority of the FURI mentoring semester. Graduate students may not serve as FURI faculty mentors.

How to get involved

Do you have undergraduate students conducting research in your lab? Encourage them to apply for FURI research funding. Faculty members can mentor up to five students per semester.

Students will submit their research proposal, five research references, timeline, budget, personal statement, resume and unofficial transcript in their FURI application. Then faculty mentors are prompted to submit a Faculty Mentor Proposal Support Letter. If the application is accepted by the faculty committee, the student and faculty member will receive FURI funding for the semester.

If you don’t currently have undergraduate student researchers and would like to find qualified researchers, you can post your research opportunity for students to connect with you.