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Engineering  |  FURI

Test-Bed Development for Multi-robot systems

Multiple Robots can perform tasks in parallel, coordinate among the fleet which speeds up the execution-time and ultimately improve the system performance. Their integrated intelligent approach has real-world applications like emergency response. The goal of research is to develop integrated multi-robot testbed to test different coordination-capabilities of the multi-robot system. The research focuses on controlling and coordinating multiple robots with respect to the environment and other robots in the system by using Robot-Operating-Software and OptiTrack-motion-capture system. The deployment of testbeds would be used for advancing educational goals of students by introducing them to various STEM concepts in an effective way.

Symposium Participant

Portrait of Kartik Gupta

Kartik Gupta

Project Details

Symposium Date: Fall 2018

Research Theme: Education

Presentation Type: FURI

Faculty Mentors

  • Stephanie Gil