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Engineering  |  FURI

Study of Exfoliation Steps for Copper 2D MOFs

2D MOFs (metal organic frameworks) have shown promise in applications such as separation, catalysis, and medicine due to their tailorable structure and function, a result of high aspect ratios. This study aims to examine the exfoliation procedure of CuBDC MOFs under various tip sonicator conditions. Results have shown that sonication time and power are the main factors affecting crystal size, as crystal mass and sample solution volume have little to no effect. Once the optimal conditions are determined, the high-efficiency MOF can be used in mixed matrix membranes (MMMs) to study gas separation.

Symposium Participant

Andra Yung

Project Details

Symposium Date: Spring 2019

Research Theme: Sustainability

Presentation Type: MORE

Faculty Mentors

  • Bin Mu