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Modeling, Analysis and Decision Making for Coupled Water Systems in the Presence of Significant Uncertainty

The purpose of this research is to improve water management modeling and decision making using intelligent control systems and current state-of-the-art water management techniques. This semester, the research is focused on simulating a water resource system in Simulink as a closed-loop control system that incorporates physical constraints, social-political-economic factors, and cost-benefit-risk analysis into the simulation model. The control system will serve as a framework that can be used to answer critical planning questions. Such a framework is invaluable to the sustainable and efficient management of natural resources, which is an integral component of a functioning society.

Symposium Participant

Portrait of Cederstorm, Charles

Charles Cederstrom

Project Details

Symposium Date: Spring 2018

Research Theme: Sustainability

Presentation Type: FURI

Faculty Mentors

  • Armando Rodriguez