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Engineering  |  FURI

Inside-Out Tracking with Redirected Walking for Free World Mobile Virtual Reality Navigation

Virtual Reality needs a cost-efficient, user-friendly navigation, thus the research objective is to use redirected walking for user locomotion. Research has shown that greedy algorithms can virtually alter user locomotion in a confined, physical space. Furthermore, advancements with Augmented Reality frameworks and inside-out tracking provide the opportunity for motion tracking users. Redirected Walking can prevent user collisions within physical spaces as they explore the virtual world. This could result in a cost-efficient, free-world locomotion system can be accomplished for room-scale, mobile Virtual Reality.

Symposium Participant

Portrait of Bahremand, Alireza

Alireza Bahremand

Project Details

Symposium Date: Spring 2018

Research Theme: Education

Presentation Type: FURI

Faculty Mentors

  • Robert LiKamWa