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Engineering  |  FURI

Creating and Scripting an Expressive Robotic Face Capable of Indicating Levels of Confidence

The purpose of this research was to discover whether a low resolution robotic head can be used to express varying degrees of certainty that can be reliably recognized by human subjects. As the field of robotics expands, the need for accessible human-machine interaction grows stronger. It is important to develop our understanding of social human-machine interaction now in order to design safe, reliable, and effective robots for these other fields. The robot’s facial expressions will be varied to test how different facial expressions of certainty will affect the human’s likelihood of accepting the robot’s suggestions in a collaborative logic game.

Symposium Participant

Dante Roush

Project Details

Symposium Date: Fall 2018

Research Theme: Education

Presentation Type: FURI

Faculty Mentors

  • Angela Sodemann