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Assistive Walking Device for Gait Disorder Patients

This objective of this research is to create a device that will assist those with drop foot and other ankle-based gait disorders. The device must provide enough assistive force to lift the user’s ankle off the ground and do it quickly enough to not disrupt their stride. This device will be an improvement over traditional

Balancing of a Stationary Bicycle Using a Control Moment Gyroscope

By intuition, people steer their vehicles to the desired direction. However, on a bicycle, the gyroscopic force of the front wheel creates an angular momentum that will lean the vehicle to the opposite direction of the steering. The objective of this research is to create a control-moment gyroscope (CMG) that can sense and control the

Detection of Heel-Off Initiation Based Correlation Between Ground Reaction Forces and Lower Extremity Surface Electromyography

The objective of this project was to identify heel-off and toe-off during gait based on the correlation between ground reaction forces (GRF) and surface electromyography (sEMG) of lower extremity muscles while quantifying the accuracy of smart shoes. The data was collected utilizing wireless sEMG sensors, force instrumented treadmill and novel smart shoes at three speeds

Smart Bike Human-in-the-Loop Control

Bicycles are used for daily transportation by a large share of the world’s population; however, riding a bicycle may be inconvenient or impossible for persons with disabilities. The goal of the Smart Bike project is to provide a platform for studying the physical interaction between an autonomous bicycle and a human rider, with possible applications

Aerodynamic Propeller Modelling

The objective of this research project is to create a more accurate quadcopter model that can be used to better test the stability of the quadcopter without risking hardware damage caused by experimental testing. This will be done by implementing a dynamic propeller model into a simulation space, Air Sim, in order to better represent