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Robust Consensus in Multi Robot Systems Using Wireless Signals

Securing robot teams against malicious activity is crucial as these systems accelerate towards widespread societal integration. Researchers derive a framework for securing multi-agent consensus against the Sybil attack by using physical properties of wireless transmissions. Researchers design a switching signal and consensus protocol from the transmissions, which stochastically excludes untrustworthy clients. This allows for consensus

Robotic Mapping using WiFi

In the near future, robots will be required to autonomously navigate in increasingly unstructured and complex environments, such as indoors or underground, where GPS may not be available. There have been many advances in Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) in the past two decades, but there are still many drawbacks to current methods. This research

Simplifying the localization and mapping algorithm for multi-robot system communication would allow them to work more efficiently.