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Benchmarking Dehumidifiers as Atmospheric Water Generators in Tempe, AZ

The goal was to benchmark the performance and quality of water collected from the air using common household dehumidifiers as atmospheric water generators. It is found that for between $13 and $20 a day, 12 to 19 gallons of clean water can be produced in a device that fits within a single square meter. Envisioned

Functional Materials in The Electrocatalytic Treatment of Pollutants From Oil & Gas Industry Wastewater

Persistent organic pollutants(e.g. benzene, phenol, xylenes, etc) in effluents produced by the oil and gas industry are deemed to be health hazards due to their carcinogenic properties. The current conventional water treatment technologies are not able to effectively remove such persistent micropollutants. Thus, this work aims at using electrochemical advanced oxidation processes to achieving complete

Pressure Differential Sequestration of Ambient Humidity

The research goal is to gauge the effectiveness of collecting water by pressurizing air. The researcher has completed modelling using realistic environmental data. It was found that more than 3 liters per day could be produced in a square meter area using 31 atmospheres of pressure. This idea was presented to faculty researchers for discussion