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Effects of Pressure on the Volumetric Response (Compressibility) of Elastomers During Ballistic and Dynamic Loading

An important homeland security mission is protecting personnel and infrastructure from dynamic loading. While protective systems are available, improvements on their performance will save lives and infrastructure. Elastomer coatings have shown abilities to dissipate dynamic loading, which depend strongly on their dynamic response. Polyurea, is a promising elastomer for these applications, but how its compressibility

Finite Element Modeling of Micro-scale Bending Testing of Nuclear Reactor Materials

Structural reliability of nuclear fuels is key for the development of safer nuclear reactors. In this work, mechanical behavior of Uranium Dioxide (UO2) is investigated by developing finite element (FE) models of test samples and using load-displacement results from the experiments to calibrate and validate material models that describe plasticity and creep of UO2. Micro-cantilever