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Physical Processes to Reduce BOD Testing Times

This FURI project will align with the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering research theme of sustainability. Although not a direct water treatment process, Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) testing is a measurement of water quality and can be used in conjunction with a water treatment system. BOD testing is therefore an important parameter to have

Pressure Differential Sequestration of Ambient Humidity

The research goal is to gauge the effectiveness of collecting water by pressurizing air. The researcher has completed modelling using realistic environmental data. It was found that more than 3 liters per day could be produced in a square meter area using 31 atmospheres of pressure. This idea was presented to faculty researchers for discussion

Disinfection of Water with a UV-Catalyzed TiO2 Reactor

Photocatalysis, or ‘light-powered reaction’, is of growing interest in the water treatment. It is gaining attention due to its simplicity and efficiency in tackling many persistent contaminants that are harder to remove by conventional means. Researchers of this study will investigate the ability of UV-catalyzed titanium-dioxide pellets to oxidize and break down organics, such as