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Measuring the Heat of Combustion of Biomass Pellets

Pellets have higher density and greater hardness than other types of biomass which enable easier transportation and storage. This research aims to investigate the amount of energy released and ash determination after combustion. Pellets from different types of crop residue will be experimented on using an oxygen bomb calorimeter and an ignition unit. The heating

Power-Generating Thermogalvanic Bricks for Waste Heat Utilization from Buildings

The research analyzes the transformation of wasted thermal energy into a usable form through thermogalvanic devices. This technology helps mitigate international growing energy demands. Building energy efficiency is a critical research topic, since the loads account for 40% of all energy demand in developed nations, and 30% in less developed nations. A significant portion of

Ultrasound-Enhanced Desorption

Ultrasound has the ability to enhance the performance of sorption heat pumps, which have the potential to be zero emission air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. The challenge in this is to identify the optimum parameters for sorption materials that maximize desorption rate, lower the regeneration temperature, and minimize the degradation of the material. In order to