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Wireless Wearable Respiratory Monitor

Respiratory health is something that many people do not consider in their daily life, yet asthma is becoming increasingly more common in people of all ages. In order to properly care for asthma patients, it is necessary to continuously monitor the respiratory behavior of individuals with asthma or other respiratory diseases. The researcher explores improvements

Wearable Sensor System to Aid in Ankle Rehabilitation

Of all the joints on the body, the ankle is the most susceptible to abuse which greatly impairs mobility. The development of a system of wireless sensors can aid in the treatment of these ankle injuries by allowing rehabilitation therapists to provide more detailed care to their patients. Through designing many different sensor configurations and

Soft Robotic Control System

Traditional robotics employ rigid bodies to solve mechanical movement problems. Soft robotics are a class of robots that employ biomimicry to emulate the way natural systems produce movement and force. The benefit of such artificial muscular systems is apparent in the fields of health and medicine, where soft structures offer greater degrees of freedom and

Cervical Cancer Detector

The objective of this project is to develop a cervical cancer detector using wrinkle pattern recognition and pattern recognition technology. The device can analyze cell samples with high accuracy by learning large amounts of pattern characters. This project will help decrease the cost of screening, provide a cost-efficient method for low-income countries to set up