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Removal of Hydrocarbons in Solar Drying System

The focus of this research is to provide a sustainable system to manage food production by developing a food preservation system. Drying removes moisture from food so unwanted contaminants can’t permeate into the food, causing it to spoil. Additionally, drying makes food smaller and lighter, making storage easier. Biogenic hydrocarbons are released in the drying

Solar Drying with an Oxide Material to Achieve Food Preservation of Crop Production

Many people in different countries around the world depend on producing their own food for sustenance and financial stability. In certain countries, there is an overproduction of food items, thereby leading to food waste. This project creates a solution for the problem of food wastes by creating a sustainable solar dryer system that is based

Investigating the Effects of Photocatalytic Cementitious Material on NO

Photocatalytic cementitious materials are useful in changing environmental properties and may be useful in simultaneously decreasing air pollution. This research seeks to understand how the chemicals in car exhaust are converted over photocatalytic cement materials in an effort to ultimately enhance the conversion of air pollutants to less harmful gases in the presence of light.