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A Friction/Adhesion Characterization Setup for Bio-Inspired Robotic Applications

The friction/adhesion project’s focus is to test a variety of gripper designs under high loading to improve robotic climbing abilities. This has been achieved through the development of a high-load testing structure which can translate gripper samples, while under loads well above 20 Newtons, in three dimensions and while recording friction properties of the sample.

Lizard Inspired Tube Inspection Robot

The environmental conditions within the boiler tube can be highly aggressive, which can alter the micro-structure of tubing. Ultrasonic sensors have the capability to scan through these tubes and detect these defects at early stages. In this work a Lizard Inspired Robot with ultrasonic sensors embedded in its fingers is being developed for boiler tube

Gait Optimization for Bio-Inspired Robotics

A bio-inspired platform for a search and rescue vehicle with optimized stride length and frequency at various saturation levels of sand is the goal of this research. Measurements and observations of the animal, Basiliscus basiliscus or the basilisk lizard, have provided baseline stride length, frequency, weight, and gait parameters. Variance of stride length and frequency

Adhesion of Octopus Bimaculoides

The suckers of an octopus have amazing adhesive properties both in and out of water. There are some relationships and questions that the research into suction of the octopus bimaculoides aims to accomplish. These aims include: centralized v. decentralized adhesion of the suckers, passive v. active adhesion, function of tentacles by location, and suction v.