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Wideband Microwave Radar for Autonomous Navigation

This research aims to develop a deeper knowledge of how radar systems are used for autonomous navigation. Small on chip radar systems can be implemented in various technologies, such automobiles, in order to improve safety for the general public. Imaging at millimeter wave frequencies can provide high image resolution of the objects in question. Radar

Studying novel radar techniques could help autonomous vehicles track objects.

Around the Corner Imaging at Terahertz

This research presents a novel method for imaging objects hidden around corners by exploiting the scattering properties of THz waves. The researchers will modify the backpropagation SAR imaging algorithm to correct the cluttered raw data and acquire accurate THz images of the occluded areas. The new imaging approach is verified through imaging examples in the

Wearable Antenna System for Touchless Gesture Recognition and Interaction

This work proposes a novel approach for recognizing gestures by detecting the flexion and extension of tendons in the human hand. A proof of concept is being developed to support the idea. It involves the design and fabrication of a microstrip antenna and the use of a rotating belt to emulate the gliding of tendons

Compact Terahertz Real-Time Imaging System

The objective of this work is to design a low-profile compact Terahertz (THz) imaging system that can be installed in portable devices, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and CubeSats. The proposed system relies on a novel image reconstructing technique that allows high spatial resolution imaging using a variety of elements. Two different antenna array designs are