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Haptic Testbed

Creating a haptic feedback testbed robot could help researchers better understand haptic feedback control.

Camera Positional Robotic Arm

The purpose of this project is to create a robotic manipulating arm to accurately position cameras at angles that are specified by the user. This arm will be made in a similar fashion to those already in the market, which are able to position themselves with a 360 degree freedom of movement. However, these types

Haptic Vision Substitution

The Haptic Vision Substitution Project involves a device that will assist the blind in “feeling” their surroundings. The device that is under research and development consists of a palm-sized vibrating pin array that will emulate the user’s visual feedback. This technology relies on the user’s ability to associate vibrating frequencies with a specific light intensity.

A Higher-Quality Haptic Display

Professor Sodemann’s research team has been developing an improved haptic display for the visually impaired user to mentally visualize the environment in a more identifiable manner. A haptic display is a device that gathers information and translates it into a sense of touch for the user to understand. So far, the team has discovered the

Micromilling Testbed Interface

The project is focused on building a Human Machine Interface (HMI) that new researchers can easily understand while providing a framework for reconfiguring the set-up in the future. Currently, there is a new frame and motors to safely test different functions and programs using Command Line Interface, (CLI) functions. The project will then implement the

Lightweight Electric Motorcycle Battery

Electric cars are slowly beginning to dominate the gasoline vehicle market. This technology has not been widely explored in smaller applications like electric motorcycles and other recreational vehicles. The research objective is to design and prototype a battery that would be large enough to provide adequate performance and range for small recreational vehicles such as