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The deadline to submit your project for the Fall 2020 semester is April 20, 2020. Apply today

Application Materials & Rubric

Students should connect with an Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering faculty member to mentor them on a research project. Students must create their own application materials discussing a specific research project that they will work on with the faculty mentor. In order to be considered for FURI, students must submit the following materials:

  • Research Proposal (2 page limit research proposal plus additional page for references, strictly enforced):  Specifically and clearly state the research question to be investigated, including your activities and goals.  Also, include how your research aligns with one of the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering research themes.
  • Bibliography (1 page limit): list at least five resources you reviewed regarding your research area.
  • Timeline: Create a reasonable and descriptive timeline that relates to the proposed research activities for the requested semester(s).
  • Budget: Students may request up to $400 dollars per semester and must submit a budget request with the proposal. FURI Symposium posters are provided for FURI students and do not need to be included on the budget. Funding cannot be requested for paying research subjects. The items requested become the faculty mentor’s property when the semester ends.
  • Personal Statement (1 page limit): write about the relationship between your personal goals and the proposed research activity.
  • Resume: students will submit a current resume, showing transferable skills and abilities. Contact the Fulton Engineering Career Center for help creating or updating your resume.
  • Unofficial Transcript: students will submit an unofficial transcript. Students must be in academic good standing to be eligible for FURI. It is recommended that FURI students have at least a 2.5 GPA.
  • FURI Faculty Mentor Proposal Support Letter: students will receive approval from their faculty mentor to submit the proposal. Faculty will submit a letter of support to the FURI office.

FURI application rubric

  • The research question or hypothesis to be investigated is well-thought out and described.
  • There is a clearly defined research plan that describes the tasks that will be conducted in order to answer the research question.
  • The timetable is descriptive and correlates to the research plan defined in the proposal.
  • The proposal provides a concise review of research previously published relevant to the proposed work with appropriate citations.
  • The personal statement demonstrates that the student is motivated and aligns with the proposed research activities.
  • The resume demonstrates an ability to achieve goals and participation in activities.
  • The overall transcript illustrates good academic standing and the student’s ability to manage the course load and research.
  • The proposal explicitly states how the research aligns with at least one of the five Fulton research themes.
  • The proposal support letter strongly endorses the student’s abilities and preparation for the project and demonstrates a clear commitment toward the student’s project as a mentor.

For more tips & guidance, please use our FURI Proposal Guide!

Students with questions can contact